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We love working with and creating effective marketing plans for all types of businesses.

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We specialize in digital marketing for small businesses

Having a website is more than a URL and a contact page, it’s about sharing your brand with the world, presenting your products or services, converting leads, and building your business. Doing it wrong costs time, energy, and business. We analyze the competition, create content-rich sites that rank high on Google, and convert your visitors with engaging, relevant content. A great website can give you one of the best ROIs out there. It’s a valuable asset you simply can’t go without in today’s online world. It’s time to build an amazing website. Contact us to schedule your free web design consultation. 

Chris John

Co-owner & Director of Digital Marketing

For the last 15 years, Chris has worked in the technology industry, from managing Data Analytics teams to working with multi-million dollar businesses on digital marketing strategies. Chris has an extensive knowledge with WordPress, Web Development, Graphic Design and helps our clients implement online marketing strategies that bring in more leads. This includes Local SEO Optimization, Paid Advertising Strategy, and Google Ad Management.

Chris has been married for 9 years, has two kids and lives in the northwest suburbs. In his spare time, Chris enjoys the outdoors, and hitting the golf links.

Austin Newcomb

Austin Newcomb

Co-owner & Director of Sales

For the past 12 years Austin has worked with small business owners, specifically contractors thru his direct mail company. He has an extensive knowledge of what makes small business owners succeed. He manages advertising for several multi-million dollar companies as well. 5 years ago Austin partnered with Tim on their e-commerce company, Hudson Lighting and has personally managed over $350,000 in sponsored ads. With Purple Pig, he is able to combine his knowledge of small business and managed ad spend to help small businesses grow!

Austin resides in the suburbs of Chicago with his wife and 5 kids. He is actively involved in their local Christian church. In his spare time (when he finds it) he loves cars, bass fishing, landscaping, wake boarding and skiing.

Tim Naylor

Tim Naylor

Co-owner & Director of Paid Advertising

Tim spent the first part of his career in television, working on national commercials, reality TV and spent 6 years with The Oprah Winfrey Show. Tim knows what it takes to bring your message to life and connect with your audience. After his career in television Tim partnered with Austin in creating a 7 figure private label e-commerce business where he has been able to use his video and photography skills to help brand the business. Tim is excited to offer his knowledge to help Purple Pig clients connect and tell their story in a whole new way!

Tim and his wife have been married since 2005 and have 4 awesome kids. He enjoys spending time with his family, working on projects around the house and sitting at the local coffee shop for hours.

Kayt Molina

Senior Marketing Manager

With a decade of digital marketing under her belt, Kayt Molina is a master at crafting compelling narratives that not only capture attention, but also drive engagement and conversions. She’s a whiz at copywriting and content writing, seamlessly blending creativity and strategic insights to craft powerful messages.

She produced shows for PBS and ABC and co-runs a successful YouTube channel, It Came From A Box, with her husband, Sergio. In her free time, she loves a good book, hanging out with her three kids and catching up on the latest TV shows and movies.

Dylan Newcomb

Dylan Newcomb

Accounting & Digital Marketing Associate

Dylan started his career counseling college students through the difficult process of financial aid at a local University. From there, Dylan moved into a sales analyst position at one of the top dental manufacturing companies in the world. While working there for several years, Dylan transitioned to an outside sales role. For the past 5 years he has been with a family run direct mail company.

Dylan and his wife were just married a little over a year ago. They have lived in the western suburbs of Chicago for the past 8 years with their dogs. You can find Dylan hustling to keep his cars clean, at a local car show or rooting for his favorite Chicago sports teams.

Stephanie Lim

Ads Manager & Media Strategist

After getting her degree in music, Stephanie began to discover her creativity and problem solving fit well into marketing and continued her education with communication classes and eventually a MA in Media Strategy. She has since then worked side by side with both nonprofits and businesses to develop their online presence and social media plans from the ground up.

Stephanie met her Singaporean husband overseas on a charity ship and they now live with their two children in the suburbs of Chicago. Her husband stays busy writing and producing music and she provides her expertise in online marketing to his content. Their family enjoys all things music, outdoors, and traveling.
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You didn’t think we chose a purple pig at random did you?

Purple: The color often associate with wealth, wisdom and creativity

Pig: An animal that represents patience, reliability and truthfulness

Meet Betty, the wisest, most creative pig that you can trust! Let us show you why Betty’s different than others you’ve trusted with your business!