E.M. Bittner


E.M. Bittner Inc., a visionary in the carbon and graphite materials sector, has offered unparalleled expertise and innovative solutions for over four decades. Founded by Ed Bittner in 1980, they have grown from a custom gear representative in the Midwest to an international supplier, manufacturer, and recycler of an array of carbon and graphite-bearing materials.

Our Approach

Despite E.M. Bittner’s stalwart reputation in the carbon and graphite industry, their digital presence was not reflective of their progressive ethos and extensive service range. The existing website was reminiscent of an old brochure, informative but lacking the interactive and dynamic touch of modern digital interfaces.

Upon partnering with Purple Pig Marketing, we recognized the need for a complete digital transformation, one that encapsulated the brand’s rich history and forward-thinking approach. The challenge was to retain the essence of E.M. Bittner’s legacy while infusing it with contemporary design elements.

We began by streamlining the website’s interface, ensuring an intuitive user experience. Recognizing the value of immediate customer interaction, we prominently placed a ‘Contact Us Today’ section, ensuring that clients, old and new, could effortlessly reach out to E.M. Bittner’s expert team. To further underscore their prowess, we highlighted their expansive portfolio, letting the caliber of their work be the primary spokesperson.

But our contributions didn’t end at surface-level enhancements. Delving deeper, we took charge of the technical aspects, including web hosting and maintenance. E.M. Bittner excels in carbon and graphite solutions, not website intricacies. By handling these backend operations, we ensured their digital platform remains as robust and dependable as their services.

In essence, Purple Pig Marketing breathed new life into E.M. Bittner’s online persona. The outcome? A digital platform that mirrors the brand’s esteemed stature in the industry, merging traditional values with a modern touch.

Services Offered:

  • Website Design
  • Web Hosting & Maintenance
  • Copywriting