Natural Stone Services


Natural Stone Services is a family-owned and operated business that specializes in the restoration, repair, and polishing of marble, granite, and terrazzo surfaces. The firm is based in Alpharetta, Georgia, and serves clients in the Atlanta area and beyond.

Our Approach

Our strategy for Natural Stone Services is centered around capitalizing on their wealth of experience and sterling reputation to boost visibility and attract leads. Firstly, we’ve performed an SEO optimization for their website. This includes integrating strategic keywords linked to stone restoration, polishing, and repair to improve their search engine ranking.

Our Google Ads campaign actively targets users searching for stone repair and restoration services in Alpharetta, Atlanta, and surrounding areas. We highlight their comprehensive service offerings, high satisfaction rates from past clients, and their unique position as a family-operated, locally-owned business to differentiate them from competitors.

Regarding website design, we’ve created an intuitive, user-friendly interface that simplifies the process for potential customers to learn about their services and request a free estimate. We’ve incorporated high-quality images showcasing their work and established a dedicated section for customer testimonials to foster trust and credibility.

Services Offered:

  • SEO 
  • Google Ads 
  • Website Design
  • Web Hosting & Maintenance