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Purple Pig Marketing will partner with your business to research, plan, design and build a beautiful and powerful custom website.

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We believe in the power of a great website

Having a website is more than a URL and a contact page, it’s about sharing your brand with the world, presenting your products or services, converting leads, and building your business. Doing it wrong costs time, energy, and business. We analyze the competition, create content-rich sites that rank high on Google, and convert your visitors with engaging, relevant content. A great website can give you one of the best ROIs out there. It’s a valuable asset you simply can’t go without in today’s online world. It’s time to build an amazing website. Contact us to schedule your free web design consultation. 

Web Design Experts
Custom WordPress Websites

100% Custom WordPress Websites

We specialize in Web Design

There’s no end to the options when it comes to web design and development so why pick us? We are an experienced team of professionals with an extensive portfolio of web design work. No website project is too complicated for us to handle. We’re results driven and detail oriented. Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal. A lot of website design agencies duplicate the same website template again and again or outsourcing to freelancers. When we do websites, we do them right. No gimmicks. 

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We’re dedicated to building a strong partnership with you

From our first conversation and consultation to final delivery and ongoing monitoring, care, updates, and optimization, we’re with you every step of the way. If you’re looking for a team of professionals to bring your website vision to life, Purple Pig Marketing is ready to take on your website project. We are available to meet for an in-person or zoom meeting consultation. We work with clients all over the world and we’re just a phone call, text message, video chat, or email away. Contact us today to get started. 

Clients Experience Success

What will my website include?

Responsive web design. Whether your visitors are using a phone or a laptop, your website needs to look and function well. Mobile devices generate over 50% of web traffic. You need a responsive website to ensure a seamless transition between devices for your users.

Easy-to-use CMS.
 All of our websites are built in WordPress. We offer ongoing hosting and maintenance packages, we are here to make changes and website updates for you.

Graphic design. Websites need to look good. Visual engagement is essential for success so we prioritize graphic design to make sure your website stands out. We’ll build you a beautiful website you’ll be proud to share.

SEO-driven content. We know SEO and know how important it is to getting your brand seen online. We’ll help you create a high-quality, content-rich site that gives your audience what they’re looking for and ranks well on Google too.

Custom integration. Many businesses and industries have specific needs and need custom solutions. We’re here for everything from WordPress plugins and email popups to database implementation and talent acquisition integrations. If you need it, we’ll build it.

E-commerce and application development. We’re well-versed with e-commerce sites. Your site will be secure, fast, and easy for your customers to use. Our seamless e-commerce solutions cover everything from taking payment information to a better user experience while navigating through products.

Analysis and reporting. We don’t just build websites and walk away. We offer ongoing monitoring, analysis, and reporting to keep your website up-to-date, high ranking, and relevant. You’ll know who is visiting your site, where they’re from, and how they’re getting there. These detailed metrics will help you understand your audience more for high-converting online experiences.

Web quality assurance. We ensure stable operation of your web apps and presence, detecting bugs, checking site security, and uncovering any issues.

CRMs and marketing automation. Following up on leads is essential. You don’t want anyone falling through the cracks. We have all the tools you need for marketing automation, creating a seamless flow to push conversions.

User experience (UI) planning. Your website needs to be user-focused. What are they looking for? How easy is your site to use? We know how to create valuable, engaging experiences for your online audience. We want them to have the best experience possible so they come back again and again.

Hosting and support. If you don’t have an existing infrastructure, our team can help get you set up with ongoing website hosting and support.

Competitive design. You don’t want to copy the competition – you want to stand out. But you do need to know what’s going on with your competitors. We gather data on competitors to support your marketing goals and stay up to date with the latest web design trends.

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