Keeping Your Digital Bacon Crispy: Preventing Downtime Due to Expired Domains

Picture of Austin Newcomb
Austin Newcomb

Your website is your digital bacon, sizzling and attracting visitors nonstop. But to keep it crispy and ready for business, there’s a bit of maintenance required, especially around your domain name. Here’s a guide to avoid the dreaded website downtime.

Stay On Top of Your Renewal Date

Every domain has an expiration date, much like perishable items in a store. It’s essential to note this date. Mark it on your calendar, set a digital reminder, or simply enable auto-renewal with your domain provider. This can be your first line of defense against losing your domain.

Ensure Your Payment Info Is Current

An outdated credit card can lead to missed renewals. Always make sure the payment information linked to your domain is current, especially if there have been recent changes to your card.

Keep Your Contact Info Updated

Your domain provider uses your contact details to send important notifications. A changed email or address means you might miss these alerts. Always keep your contact information up-to-date with your domain registrar.

Implement Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Consider 2FA as an extra security layer for your domain. Even if someone manages to get your login details, 2FA will halt their access. It’s a simple but crucial step for added security.

Review Who Has Access

Ensure only trusted individuals have access to your domain settings. If there are past collaborators or third parties who once had access, it’s time to review and revoke permissions as necessary. Periodically changing your password is also a sound practice.

Purple Pig’s Dedicated Website Monitoring

Keeping your digital presence seamless is key to bringing home more bacon. With Purple Pig, you’re covered 24/7. We conduct website status checks every minute for our website hosting and maintenance clients, ensuring we catch and address issues like potential domain expirations swiftly. For peace of mind and proactive service, consider hosting with us. Contact us today to learn more.